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Welcome to Bing Bing Gifts, a shop that offers various handmade items. I am a burn survivor from an incident that occurred when I was 3 years old. My face was burned, I lost all my fingers. But I focus on “ability” not “disability.” I always keep trying to resolve issues, overcome challenges, learn new skills and to improve my life. I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. 


💜 How Bing Bing Gifts Started 

At age 13, I was adopted by my American parents. I attended Pittsburgh Technical College in Pittsburgh, PA. My life became complicated though because of a problem with my citizenship papers. My parents have been working on this for three years! Because of this problem, I cannot get a driver's license or a job.

I try my best to survive mentally and the cost of living bills/student loans. Without a job, I lost my hope... I don't want my each day to continue to be wasted... So :) I started my own small handcraft business to help others to be confident and happy in each item I create! It's good that I've found pleasure in crafting. I hope that my personal ambition, drive and resilience inspire YOU to believe in yourself, just as I do ^_~ I wish you can find something that inspires you in my Bing Bing Gifts!

Bing Bing Gifts

 xoxo Bing Bing 💕 Carly Bing Campf

Believe 💜 Faith 💜 Strong

STORE: 490 E Waterfront Dr Homestead, PA 15120 🛍️ BBG 🏡


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