Important tips to help your jewelry last longer: Please note that the glass seed beads are painted. Their natural color will eventually fade over time due to wear. Depending on how often you wear this jewelry, your seed bead daisy color should look pristine for 6--12 months, using the tips for care below. Please avoid contact with lotions, perfumes and other chemicals when wearing your jewelry. Before going to bed, remove necklaces, bracelets and anklets. These items tend to get caught in the sheet, and pressure on the jewelry could cause breakage or the color to wear off. Sorry, but please don't wear plated jewelry when showering, swimming or exercising. Too much water can tarnish your stainless steel base metal pieces. Please remember to wash and dry your hands before putting on or taking off your jewelry. If handled with care, your daisy jewelry can be worn and cherished for a long time.

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